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Glossy Catalog Laser Catalog Paper.


Our glossy catalog paper gives your documents a glossy professional look and feel. Useable in any laser printer or copier take your printing to the next level today. this media is NOT compatible with inkjet printers.

HPS manufactures and sells a wide variety of media for a broad range of color laser printers as well as dry ink printers. Whether it is our water-slide decal paper, clear or white self-adhesive film, true static cling media, or our new ultra cling low tack adhesive media you are sure to find something to meet your needs.

WARNING: When using laser media it is critical that you follow the provided instructions exactly. If not used properly poor image quality or even printer damage may result.

When testing for compatibility with your printer, always start with a "Plain Paper" setting. Never try setting such as "High Gloss" or "Transparency" without first testing for compatibility with a "Plain Paper" setting.

we accepts no responsibility for wasted material or printer damage caused by the misuse of our media.

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Laser printer glossy Text.
For Laser Printers

hyaz.com logo decal paper.

Media specifications


Glossy Paper Laser

Size 8.5" X 11"   (216mm X 278mm)
Printers All Color Laser, and Copiers
Color N/A
thickness Basis 80  (118g/m2)
Adhesive N/A
Outdoor Life N/A
Instructions Included
Tools/Material needed N/A
Note: Not for Inkjet printers.
Give all your in house printing that professional look and feel for a fraction of the price. Save money by printing your leaflets, flyers, and catalogs in house with our glossy laser text paper.


Please do not order this media for use in Inkjet Printers as it is not Inkjet compatible.

Glossy Laser Text Catalog Paper
Can be use in all laser printers.
NOT for Inkjet printers.
Laser Glossy Catalog Paper
Item#LGT8511PK 500 Sheets 8.5" X 11"
Laser Glossy Catalog Paper
Item#LGT8511HCA 2000 Sheets 8.5" X 11"
Laser Glossy Catalog Paper
Item#LGT8511CA 4000 Sheets 8.5" X 11"



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