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Inkjet Waterproof Permanent Adhesive Vinyl
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Weight 0.75 lbs
Size 8.5" x 11"
Color White
Adhesive Permanent
Quantity 10 Sheets
Finish Matte
Thickness 2.4 MIL
Outdoor Life < 3 years
Ink Type Dye, Pigment, Solvent
Tools Needed N/A
Liner 90#
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Inkjet Waterproof Permanent Adhesive Vinyl

Waterproof  inkjet label.

The permanent adhesive waterproof vinyl is uses to make short run production stickers for various consumer products such as; cosmetic containers, hair care products, gourmet food containers, specialty small run food containers, candy and dry food containers and well and in glass jars and metal containers. The waterproof permanent adhesive vinyl is also used for labeling industrial items and other productions items when small run professional and customized label using an inkjet printer can be used.

This film will work well with dye based ink as well as pigment and even solvent based ink.


This waterproof permanent adhesive vinyl can be ordered on our e-commerce website in letter size as well as 11" X 17" and 13" X 19".

The WVF (the permanent waterproof vinyl)  is also available on 12" rolls on 2" core and will work well in vinyl cutter plotters.

The WVF Waterproof Permanent Vinyl is made in the USA.

Go to www.texascraft.com to see our two new types of waterproof inkjet vinyl with removable adhesive.

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