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Inkjet ultra cling media (film).

 Inkjet ultra cling film
Inkjet Ultra Cling CLEAR
10 sheets per pack 8.5" X 11"
Item# UCF8511GC
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Inkjet Clear Ultra Cling Printable Media. (Ultra removable adhesive/cling)

Similar to static cling but Our Ultra Cling vinyl can be peeled off of almost any substrate safely, making it ideal for temporary labels of any kind. this media is perfect for making window stickers for the inside of car windows. You can make these labels by printing a mirror image on the media then covering it with a white window film masking spray. After drying, just peel off the liner and the image will be viewed correctly through the adhesive side, and ready for mounting on the inside of any window.

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Ultra Cling Media
8.5" X 11"
Clear and White
Film .0015"  .0012mm  +/- .0002mm
Ultra Removable
Outdoor Life
Not recommended. Depends on laminate used. See below for details.
Included (Click Here for PDF Document)
Items needed
Ideal for car window stickers
For UV protection we recommend the LLA5000 for this media.
12 OZ aerosol can with fine mist spray nozzle


Clear Inkjet Ultra Cling.

Clear Vinyl Decal "Paper" with ultra removable adhesive.

the perfect media for making car window stickers or any type of sticker where being easily removable is a critical issue.

White Inkjet Ultra Cling

Inkjet Ultra Cling White
10 sheets per pack 8.5" X 11"
Item# UCFW8511G


Inkjet Ultra Cling White
100 sheets per pack 8.5" X 11"
Item# UCFW8511KH

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All of our UCFC medias are designed for indoor use. Temporary outdoor use is possible but we strongly encourage the use of an over-laminate if outdoor use is required.

Using any of our inkjet media in the interior of an automobile should be considered an outdoor use. this is due to moisture and extreme temperature changes.

If this media is to be used indoors where steam or moisture is present then the artwork once printed must be protected with clear spray. For Car windows we strongly recommend the UCFC media

Our ultra cling medias are excellent on surfaces that are problematic for true static cling, such as windows which have been cleaned with an anti-fogging agent or a streak free cleaner.


1) Copy/Print on to the coated side of the media using compatible printer.

2) Carefully inspect each sheet before printing to ensure that the sheet is not bent, warped, or has folded corners this will prevent most paper jams. Always load one sheet at a time to ensure proper loading. With this media selecting the correct media setting is critical. Usually the setting which works best is either "Transparency" or "Glossy Film" Depending on the printer and ink used the label may be ready for use in as few as a few minutes. In some cases you must allow several hours or even overnight drying time. Some universal ink refill inks may not work with this media.


1) Before mounting make sure you clean and remove any residual grease, soot, or dust. the micro sphere adhesive featured on this media adheres to most substrates even cardboard, wallpaper, and smooth wood.

2) Gently peel the film away from the liner taking care to avoid stretching the media.

3) Line up the label with your substrate. When positioned correctly allow the label to make contact with the surface on one edge and then using your fingers work down the rest of the surface. Take care not to use excessive force when applying the label as it may cause the ink to smudge.

Tip: When making ultra cling labels for automobile windows or any label you wish to apply inside but be visible from the outside follow the steps above with these exceptions: A) You must use the CLEAR ultra cling. B) Print your image in
MIRROR or REVERSE. C) Spray the sheet with white acrylic paint after the ink is dry. D) Let the paint dry.

For car windows we strongly recommend the use of UCFC over static cling. Static cling can be problematic with substrates that have at one time or another been cleaned or treated with streak free or anti-fogging agents. Our new ultra cling works the same way but with a very low tack adhesive using micro sphere technology to cling to the glass.

If the label is to be used outdoors we strongly encourage the use of an over-laminate that offers UV protection. For maximum protection we suggest the use of both our WOL over-laminate together with a spray laminate.

To improve the UV resistance of inkjet media HPS offers an aerosol UV laminate spray. For ordering information see below.

HPS manufactures and sells inkjet waterslide decal paper, along with a wide selection of other products including basic inkjet decal paper, economical gummed papers for the ceramics industry, and similar products such as our temporary tattoo paper for both inkjet and laser printers. Some of our other products include glow in the dark media, white and clear ultra cling media, white and clear static cling media all for both inkjet and laser printers. For printing bumper stickers or waterproof production labels on your inkjet printer try our white waterproof inkjet vinyl. Just a few of the other products we offer are glossy photo film, clear inkjet vinyl, and white inkjet vinyl all of which are self-adhesive. we are also a main distributor in the USA of flexible inkjet magnetic media. we offer inkjet magnetic paper in both glossy and matte finishes, along with pre die-cut sheets of magnetic inkjet business cards.

Papilio UV aerosol.

For UV protection we recommend the LLA5000 for this media.
12 OZ aerosol can with fine mist spray nozzle


Instructions updated Tuesday, January 19, 2016

the clear inkjet printable polyester film is ideal for creating decorative polyester decals, thinner and stiffer than any similar vinyl product this printable polyester film allows for the creation of clear production labels so that the unique colors and textures of your product packaging can show through. the adhesive featured with this product is a permanent acrylic based adhesive similar to that found on commercial bumper sticker. Making this ideal for labels or decorations you do not wish to be removed easily. If easy removal is desired, please see our Inkjet Clear Ultra Cling media, for an alternative solution. To add an extra level of durability and even a degree of moisture resistance we strongly encourage the use of an over laminate with this product. Either a sheet laminate such as our Waterproof Over Laminate Sheets or an aerosol spray laminate such as our LLA5000 UV Protective Spray Laminate will help to protect your inkjet printed material with not only UV resistance, but also chemical resistance, and extra physical resistance. Even though we strongly recommend this product only be used indoors. If the need for decorative decals or clear signs is temporary, the addition of an over laminate can make the material durable enough for temporary outdoor placement. However, prolonged outdoor exposure to the weather will eventually cause running or fading. If you desire your window decal or label to be on the inside of the window or container, with the customer viewing the text and or design from the outside, please be sure to print in “Mirror” or “Reverse” image, a feature found in all popular graphics programs.


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