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Retail pack clear static cling.


Inkjet static cling, white and clear.
 For inkjet printers

Made in USA

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True Static Cling. Inkjet Static Cling Clear & White Printable

Size 8.5" X 11"
Printers All Desktop Inkjet Printers. Printable in most inkjet printers*
Color Clear (Transparent) and White
thickness 10 mil
Adhesive N/A
Outdoor Life Not recommended for outdoor use
Instructions Included (Inkjet static cling clear and white instruction page.)
Tools/Material needed None

Photo Quality Inkjet Media Dries Instantly.

* Our static cling is 8 MIL thick (8/1000 of an Inch) and laminated on 10PT board. This makes this film too thick to feed through small inexpensive desktop inkjet printers. Inkjet printers with relative straight path such as Epson TM and Canon TM will work well with this media. Please call us if you have any concerns, Go to see updated list of our product please go to www.hyaz.com/store/ to order this products.

True Static Cling

Quality inkjet-printable static cling.

Make professional looking static cling labels using your inkjet printer.

Tip: To create labels that will be read through windows or other glass:

A) Print in reverse or mirror image. Spray the entire sheet with WHITE acrylic paint or window masking spray if you desire a white background. this will allow the image to be viewed correctly through the window or glass.


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Inkjet printable static cling.

Inkjet Static Cling CLEAR
10 sheets per pack 8.5" X 11" Item# SCIC8511G
Inkjet Static Cling CLEAR
100 sheets per pack 8.5" X 11" Item# SCIC8511KH


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inkjet printable white static cling film


Inkjet Static Cling WHITE
10 sheets per pack 8.5" X 11"  Item# SCIW8511G
Inkjet Static Cling WHITE
100 sheets per pack 8.5" X 11" Item# SCIW8511KH
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It is important to note that inkjet static cling media is not suitable for some substrates. Please do not order this media in bulk until you have tested it both with your printer and method of application. For substrates that have difficulty accepting static cling, we recommend our Ultra Cling media.


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