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Inkjet Clear Film Water Slide Decal Paper
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Inkjet clear film  water slide decal paper.
Weight 0.64 lbs
Size 8.5" x 11"
Color Clear
Adhesive Gelatin Based
Quantity 10 Sheets
Finish Glossy or as applied
Thickness Film .0015" .0012mm +/- .0002mm
Outdoor Life Depends on ink used
Ink Type Dye based
Tools Needed Squeegee and Fixative
Liner Paper 125 GSM
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Inkjet Clear Film Water Slide Decal Paper

Water slide decal paper is used to apply images and logos (or transfer images) using water to onto non porous substrates, such as glass, glazed ceramic, porcelain, painted metal, finished (non pours wood) scale models (some plastics) and many other.

 (For porous substrates, such as marble, slate, unfinished wood and such, use this link > transfer decal paper for pours material.)

Water slide decal paper is intended for non pours substrates such as white porcelain coffee mug, vase, plastic scale model, finished wood musical instrument (gloss finished wood) and so on. The Papilio IAS paper is coated and made in the USA and designed for use in inkjet printers using "die based" ink. (most common inkjet printers) To successfully use this paper you must also purchase clear aerosol fixative and rubber decal squeegee. Detailed information is available on our e-commerce website where you can make additional selections and purchase the water decal paper on-line and select shipping options.

 This inkjet clear film water slide decal paper can used for a variety of decal purposes. Water applied decals can be use in many different ways. Water slide decals can be used in the finish of a painted metal objects such as a motorcycle gas tank, on finished wood items such as wood musical instruments, and on general arts and crafts items such as to decorate a wax candle or customize scale models. Our water decal paper is also used by craftsmen restoring  antique items or memorabilia. 

The water decal film is compatible with almost any clear top coating finish including epoxy, urethane, oil enamel, shellac and more.

For best results we strongly recommend using a decal squeegee and quality non yellowing clear fixative. Both these items the decal squeegee and the non yellowing fixative or clear coating (aerosol or fluid) can be procured on our e-commerce website.

To see photos and projects made using this paper, go to www.decaltalk.com

To order this product please go to our new ecommerce website www.texascraft.com 

This decal paper has been made in the USA since 1995 by HPS LLC in Texas.

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